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Towing Services
We tow vehicles for all types of businesses. Engine shops, Car Dealerships, Transmission Shops and Auto Service Centers. If you are in need of volume weekly towing at discounted rates, then you need to contact RP Towing in Utah County. We service businesses in all parts of the Valley.

Are you a bank, auto dealer, or recovery company that needs collateral recovered quickly and professionally? RP Towing is experienced in repossession and collateral recovery. We understand the "repossession" laws and we always avoid confrontation while recovering your property. Since RP Towing uses modern towing equipment, we do not need to break locks and will not damage vehicles while towing. This means your vehicle can resell quickly and with higher profit. Since we are self insured for all vehicles we tow, and do not drive the vehicles, you do not have to insure us, which saves you money. Call RP Towing today and let's discuss your repossession or collateral recovery needs.

Private Property Impound Program
Tired of chaos in the parking lot? Have you ever had someone park blocking your driveway, garage or assigned parking spot? Or had someone leave an old car on your property. Or maybe you own a business and occasionally have vehicles blocking a dumpster or delivery area, parked for sale, or just broken down and left for days.
This is where RP Towing's Private Party Impound Progarm is the answer. We process impounded vehicles at no charge to the impounder, and can assure you that your impoundment is within state regulations. 
Our Private Property Impound Program works with you to stop illegal or inconsiderate parking in a friendly but effective manor that will help you retain the patronage of those customers. We supply all signage that you may need at no cost to you. As always, RP Towing will never charge you to impound an illegally parked vehicle. Whether you are a property manager or owner, RP Towing will work with you to design the perfect system for managing your parking areas. 

Our Parking Management Program is for those property owners, security companies and management companies who have commercial properties that are in need of parking enforcement. We offer a wide variety of complimentary services aimed at providing you with convenient and quick solutions to most parking problems. Illegally parked vehicles in assigned, visitor, or management spaces, Inoperable or Abandoned Vehicle Removal Service, Unwanted commercial or recreational vehicles, Vehicles parked in disabled spaces without proper placard, Double parking, blocking garages and dumpsters, or illegal tandem parking, Offenders of fire lane/red zone areas, we impound them all at no cost to the property managers or property owners. 

Apartment Complexes, Property Management Companies, H.O.A.'s, Retail Property, Commercial Property, anywhere you have a parking problem, RP Towing can help you fix it as well as offer free consultation of property to insure compliance with state law, Tow Away Signs customized for the parking regulations of your property, along with free installation and replacement, Customer care oriented, Professionally Trained Drivers, Digital photographs of every vehicle towed from your property, documenting the violation if you wish, Discounted service calls for your residents, including: jumpstarts, tire changes, lock-outs, and towing service to your resident's preferred repair facility.

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